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Updated: Aug 22

Proverbs 13:22 says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. But the center’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

What an interesting Proverb! This verse is contrasting two types of people, the good man and the sinner. We all know that we sin but this verse is specifically contrasting a person whose life is directly reflected of a desire to please God versus someone only trying to please themselves.

Do you notice that this man is a multi-generational “gifter”? It says his children’s children, so not only his kids but also his grandkids. This person has set things up in such a way that multiple generations will benefit from the prosperity and the blessings that God has given this man. This type of person would be considered a good person.

And what I’m trying to drive at is living a life that points to the next generation in the right direction, because there’s an inheritance that’s so much more than money, right?

What about a good name? The Bible says a good name is more than great riches. How about your values, right? To have the kind of influence on multiple generations because of your values, beliefs, and godly testimony. And of course, most of us will transfer property like our home to the next generation, unless that home is consumed by the government’s needs.

In today’s environment and laws, we have an exception on homes and property that are taxed at capital gains rates which means you receive a “step-up in basis.” This means when you transfer them to the next generation, they don’t have to pay tax on the appreciation of that asset over your lifetime. Some people may refer to this sort of thing as a loophole.

Here the Bible is specifically commending the person who leaves behind wealth, inheritance or possessions to the next multiple generations, children, and grandchildren. To do this, if you genuinely want to apply this proverb and make it a part of your life, it will require a lot of biblical instruction to your kids.

What have you done to position your resources to do the maximum good in your lifetime, and to continue to do so after you’re gone? For our family, we decided that our business would fund the work of missions. I’ve mentioned it a few times in these blogs that Lord and Richards funds mission work all over the world including establishing churches in the unreached areas of Myanmar.

If you’re wanting to set up funds for your kids, you’ll need to develop a structured plan. God hasn’t simply given us things to enjoy and consume for ourselves. He’s given us things richly, so we can also give richly and be a blessing to others. That’s one of the reasons why our fund foundation focuses on some of the most unreached people, the poorest, the least educated, and the least privileged.

Additionally, the verse has a second half that describes the opposite kind of person, a sinner. By default, we assume this person could care less about teaching the next generation how to give, or putting resources into the hands of the next generation that will aid God’s Kingdom.

Ultimately, we’re going to see in the Kingdom of God when Jesus Christ brings His righteous rule on this earth, and distribute eternal reward. A good man leaves an inheritance to multiple generations and the center while he leaves his wealth to others who are better than him.

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