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Updated: May 4

Let’s dive into what it means to retire wiser. But we’re going to do so specifically through what the Bible has to say about wisdom.

At Lord and Richards, we believe it takes a whole lot more to figure out life than just typical human reasoning. Life is a puzzle that needs to be solved. The Bible says it requires wisdom to do just that.

We talk to people every day just like you who are trying to figure out the retirement phase of life. So, what we do to prepare you for the next chapter is build a plan to help you achieve financial independence. And we build it through a Biblical perspective.

You may be wondering why we’re so big on achieving financial independence in your retirement. Well, it’s because we want to empower you to do amazing things for God and with your family with the bountiful resources that He’s entrusted to you.

So where do we begin? The foundation of wisdom is God’s Word. Let’s travel back a few thousand years to a time when the wisest man on earth lived: Solomon. He was wiser than any of the kings of his day, truly wiser than anyone else.

We can trace the beginning of his wisdom to a specific event in his life, when he took the crown and realized the enormous responsibility placed in his hands to lead the children of Israel. In Second Chronicles, the Lord appears to Solomon and says, “Ask anything that you want of me Solomon.” So, Solomon replies “Give me now wisdom and knowledge that I may go out and come in before this people for who can judge this your people.” What an amazing request! I taught my children this when they were young, and I still teach it to them today: ask God for wisdom. The Bible says, “wisdom is the principal thing.”

The foundation of wisdom is God's Word!

Whether we’re talking about just leading your life and living a life to God’s glory, or if we’re talking about spending money wisely or retiring wisely, then we need wisdom.

James tells us that we can go to God if we lack wisdom. There’s no real restriction on God’s willingness to give. He wants to give to you freely. He doesn’t think you don’t have the confidence or are dumb in coming to Him. He says “I want you to come to me because I’m the source of wisdom. I’m the source of knowledge, and I will give to you liberally.” So, Solomon asked that of God, thousands of years before our time.

I remember sitting down with older dear man of God who recently passed away. My wife and I were sitting with him for lunch and he said, “You know I could be wrong, but the first step in coming to any difficult situation in life, whether that’s raising kids, or how to be a great husband, or a great mom or how to teach or whatever tasks that you got before you, is bring humility to that.” I can tell you of all the conversations that I have with people, it's the people who bring a sense of humility, that tend to do the best.

Often the people that come into our office with an arrogant swagger and an attitude of “tell me something I don’t already know,” are typically in a poor position financially. And yes, there are some people like that, who have loads of money, probably more than they need. But they also tend to be the same people who make some of the worst decisions with money.

There’s no real restriction on God’s willingness to give. He wants to give to you freely!

And so, I encourage you to approach a difficult situation with humility and be willing to acknowledge the difficulty of it. And secondly, seek and ask God for the true wisdom and knowledge that only comes from Him. James later tells us “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above from the Father of lights with whom is no variableness.” Our God is a rock, a fortress, a tower, and the true source of wisdom. If you study the book of Proverbs, you begin to realize that as Solomon writes out these wise principles and commands, that he’s personifying God in written form.

Thirdly, expect God to give an answer. As James told us, He’s going to give to you freely and liberally. He’s not going to rebuke you for admitting that you don’t have wisdom in a situation. This principle applies so much with money.

Retirement can be challenging, there’s no question about it. Investing is challenging, and we need wisdom beyond human ability, we need divine wisdom. That’s our principle today: lean on divine wisdom. It’s not a problem to have wisdom through experience or through your reading. But let God take that knowledge and experience and sanctify it into true wisdom, the true wisdom that comes from God. Then apply that: seek it out, ask Him for it and find it from a storehouse of His wisdom.

What we do every day is teach people like you on how to retire safely or invest wisely. We have a process called ‘Financial Independence Review.’ We’re going to test your portfolio from a variety of different angles and throw a lot of at it. We see how resilient your portfolio truly is and if you’re ready to retire financially independent.

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